Parkland, Florida School Shooting

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I try not to pay attention to all of the news report because they are so horrific, so painful. But more, because I feel so helpless. I post and re-post things on Facebook admonishing our government for not doing more and the NRA for their unapologetic lack of humanity, but that isn’t going to solve the problem. It won’t even persuade anyone to change their stance on guns.

So we simply slump our shoulders and accept that we are powerless, right? We have to stop doing that. I don’t know where the quote came from but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

 Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

School shooting are not going to change until we start doing something different.

What we need to do as individuals:

  • Contact your representatives in government and demand that they do something about the proliferation of guns in our country
  • Start educating yourself on candidate’s views on gun violence. Don’t just take what they say  as truth, research them. Find out who they accept campaign money from; Demand that your representative do something about corporate money in politics.
  • Also, find out how incumbent candidates have voted on issues that you are concerned about;
  •  Participate in a campaign or run for office yourself;

I think many of us have become complacent thinking that politics is something that other people take care. Well, other people have been taking care of it all right and look where it’s gotten us. We must do more than posting our outrage onto Facebook, I must do more than posting my outrage onto Facebook.

To help with that paralyzing feeling of helplessness, here’s a link listing a few things that you and I can do to help the latest victims of a school shooting, but we must not stop there. It will not change until WE change it.


Wonder Woman Movie Review

Over the weekend, I finally went to see the box office hit, Wonder Woman. Being a feminist, I really wanted to like this movie but alas I left the theater with a queasy stomach and it wasn’t because of the popcorn. Listed below are some of the issues that I had with the movie. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet some of my comments give away some of the story line. Continue reading

Hamilton: The Revolution

Hamilton: The RevolutionHamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m not a big fan of reading screen plays but I really enjoyed Hamilton: The Revolution. I also enjoyed listening to the soundtrack while I was reading the book. What I enjoyed most about Hamilton: The Revolution was following the creative process as it unfolded from early into Miranda’s inspiration to the Broadway phenomenon.

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2016 Gratitude Review

Last year I wrote about a new habit that I was trying to establish to enrich my life a little, that of filling a Gratitude Jar. I’m afraid my habit forming tactic didn’t work all that well because I stopped adding to the jar sometime around late summer, early fall of last year. Still it wasn’t a bad idea and I’m going to give it another try this year. To jump start my effort AND to put a different perspective on my 2016 year, I decided to go through the 121 entries that I did make to my gratitude jar last and I thought I would share some with you. I think it always helps to reflect. So here goes:

Most entries started with Today I am grateful for: Continue reading

Do you take this man?

Sorry for the late post, but my youngest son is getting married today. I haven’t let myself think about it too much because I tear up every time I do yet, I find that I have been thinking of nothing else for the last few days. He is marrying a delightful woman, bubbly, friendly, caring, intelligent, ambitious. They seem to be a perfect match. Unique-Wedding-Vows

My heart is so filled with joy for him, for the both of them. So many memories flashing through my mind right now of him as a toddler, those huge round eyes and slight overbite that gave him a cherubic look that would melt my heart whenever he smiled.

His tiny hands gently turning my face to his when I wasn’t giving him the attention he needed when he had a question. His indomitable spirit with every task he undertook from learning how to ride a bike to running cross country and track to becoming a valuable member of his team at work.

I am so proud of the man he has become, of his choice for a life partner, and of the path he is paving for an amazing life.






“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.” ~Wayne Dyer

According to many life couches and self-help experts, the key to living a happy, productive, and successful life is to think positively, become more aware, and develop your consciousness. All admirable and helpful characteristics, but how do you learn to think positively? If you want to become more aware, what should you become aware of? And exactly what is consciousness?

The key is ATTENTION. Continue reading


Last week I started to share my journey with a big stained glass repair that I’ve been working on FOR EVAH! In More Playing with Glass  I promised to continue with the tear-down and rebuild, so let’s get started.

We finished off last week with the pattern rubbing. Pattern in hand, now it’s time to
number everything. In the photo below you might be able to make out the red numbers in some of the white spaces. Every individual space on the pattern must have a separate numeral. Once the pattern is numbered, corresponding numbers must be marked on each piece of glass. These panels each have over 165 pieces.pattern numbering

It is a tedious part of the process, but without those numbers, it becomes a real guessing game figuring out which piece of glass goes where.

Now that I had something to re-build the panels to, I carefully started taking the most mangled of the two windows apart. The trick here was to disentangle the jigsaw puzzle of lead and glass shapes without breaking any additional pieces. I bet you thought I was going to say that the tricky part was not getting cut. Nah, you handle glass long enough and getting nicked and sliced becomes second nature, an occupational hazard. Glass artists simply keep an ample supply of band-aids in their studios. Continue reading