So, my latest music obsession is a style of music associated with the Punjabi region of India. It is called Bhangra. The music is upbeat and utterly danceable. I discovered Bhangra through the dance videos of two very talented young women, Chaya Kumar and Shivani Bhagwan, who together form BFunk Dance.

The BFunk style is a fushion of Bollywood and Hip Hop. The first video that I discovered of theirs is one called Nainowale Ne. Chaya and Shivani are the first dancers, then numerous other people from their classes in Los Angeles show their interpretations.

Nainowale Ne is a romantic song about a young woman captivated by a handsome young man’s eyes. Chaya and Shivani’s choreography of this song has very classical Indian hand gestures and moves which capture the romance of the song.

One of BFunk’s latest videos, Le Gayi Remix is a fabulous example of some of their high energy choreography. This one leans toward hip hop more so than Nainowale Ne.

I also found the following video which pits some hip hop dancers against some Bhangra dancers. I don’t know if either side won, they were both fantastic, but I thought it was great seeing the two styles side by side.

Last fall Chaya and Shivani took their Bhangra style of dance on their first North American tour know as their WeFunk tour. They hosted workshops to sold out crowds in over 18 North American cities. If you are like me and find yourself trying to follow along with their videos, they also offer some tutorials on their BFunk TV channel.

Not only is Bhangra fun to watch and listen to, it is a great way to promote cultural diversity. Chaya and Shivai are proof of that, their YouTube channel just hit 1 million subscribers.  

Check out some of their videos on YouTube. I dare you to sit still while watching them 😉