2016 Gratitude Review

Last year I wrote about a new habit that I was trying to establish to enrich my life a little, that of filling a Gratitude Jar. I’m afraid my habit forming tactic didn’t work all that well because I stopped adding to the jar sometime around late summer, early fall of last year. Still it wasn’t a bad idea and I’m going to give it another try this year. To jump start my effort AND to put a different perspective on my 2016 year, I decided to go through the 121 entries that I did make to my gratitude jar last and I thought I would share some with you. I think it always helps to reflect. So here goes:

Most entries started with Today I am grateful for:img_1505

  • my health
  • helpful children
  • my energy and motivation and the things they allowed me to accomplish today
  • a nice dinner with my mom
  • Seth Godin’s inspiring books
  • this beautiful weather
  • After watching a PBS show on Saudi Arabia, today I am grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy in the US
  • my healthy body
  • easy days
  • my passion
  • my muse
  • relationships with my adult children
  • voices from the past
  • As cumbersome and inconvenient as it may be sometimes, I am grateful for our judicial system of law
  • for Friday and good friends
  • fresh air and the sweet sound of birds welcoming spring
  • my solitude
  • family get-togethers and the music of Barry Manilow (don’t judge)
  • the talented hands of my massage therapist friend
  • a day filled with creative pursuits
  • my spirit
  • my gratitude jar
  • good beer and good friends
  • art, FaceTime, and spring
  • music that makes me want to dance
  • my glass studio
  • a warm home on a frigid day
  • rain
  • that I am trying to practice meditation again
  • longer days
  • my book club
  • that the snowstorm missed us
  • team members who value hard work and cooperation
  • my talents and the opportunity to practice them
  • for my body and getting fresh air into my lungs
  • afternoon naps with the window wide open
  • stimulating, intelligent conversation
  • for the sun rise in the morning when I go to work
  • that I’m feeling better
  • that my blog post and taxes are done
  • to have a friend at work to walk with
  • gorgeous balmy weather
  • time spent with my kids and grandkids
  • Kurt’s Auto Center
  • the beautiful day and the energy and motivation to participate in it
  • meditation to quiet the endless chatter in my mind, even for a few minutes
  • work well done and appreciated
  • productive weekends
  • to have a job
  • my art
  • little voices
  • thoughtful people
  • the sound of birds
  • the advances in medicine
  • my puppies
  • that I am a writer
  • that my kids have grown into such awesome people
  • that my mom is okay
  • long weekends
  • that I got outside
  • that I have tomorrow off
  • that my pups are feeling better
  • awesome airline tickets
  • my re-fi went through
  • hayrides and autumn evenings by a fire with friends





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