Introduction to My Obsessions Category

As far back as I can remember, I have had obsessive interests. When I was a child, after watching the movie Born Free I became obsessed with lions. I would go to the library every chance I got (libraries were the google search of the 20th century) and research lions. I would draw them, I even painted the head of a male lion on the back of a fatigue jacket that I used to wear. A friend also painted an acrylic portrait of a lion for me.

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My interest in lions led to an obsession with Africa, particularly Ethiopia and Kenya. My research of those countries led me to the archaeological discoveries of Louis and Mary Leakey in Olduvai Gorge where I became obsessed with archaeology. Well, you get the picture.

I can become obsessed with all sorts of things, a certain type of music, a particular color, an idea, even a place. My obsessions are usually rather out of the ordinary, hang drum music, stained glass, Ireland, castles, the color purple (not the movie or the book, the actual color), Bhangra and Pungra, just to name a few.

Danielle LaPorte says “Obsession is essential to creativity”, maybe that is why I have these obsessions. I always discover something interesting about my current curiosity.

My obsessions are a quirky part of who I am, and in this category I will share some of my obsessions and why they provoke such curiosity in me.

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