I am currently fascinated with a singer/songwriter who goes by the stage name of LP. She has been in the music business since 2006. During that time she not only has recorded her own songs, but also has written songs for Rihanna, Cher, The Backstreet Boys, and many others.

Her voice is described as having an incredible range, amazing timbre, and very unique. Her singing style is equally one-of-a-kind with a captivating ebb and flow of vocal range, and emotional lyrics punctuated with whistles and do-whop sounds.

She has become a big hit in Europe, particularly in Greece where, in 2015,  her song “Lost on You” was an instant hit. While she is quite well known within the Indie/Pop music genre, she has not yet had the meteoric stardom of a Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift, but that doesn’t stop her. In an interview she was quoted as saying “If you’re truly an artist you don’t wait for applause.”

What fascinates me as much as her voice and her songwriting is her androgynous persona. The first video that I saw of her, “Lost on You”, I thought she was a man. I was completely blown away when she started to sing with a powerful, high vibrato. In some of her videos, like the live sessions of “Lost on You” and “Muddy Waters”, she presents a strong masculine energy, dark clothing, amber lighting, exposed tatooed chest, the Elvis like snarl.

In other songs, like her cover of Beyonce’s song “Halo”, softer lighting, a different style of dress, and an orchestral accompaniment seem to bring out a more feminine energy .

My hope is that more people start to discover LP and her amazing talent. She may not be for everyone, but I find her distinctive voice and style exhilarating. 

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