More Playing with Glass

Thought I would share with you another stained glass repair that I have been working on for ……..probably about six months or more now. It was/is a big job. It consists of two panels, each one about three feet wide by two feet tall. The panels are mirror patterns, meant to hang one above the other creating a much larger pattern when combined.

The panels were in pretty bad shape, having been mangled quite a bit. You see this in old salvaged stained glass and let’s say they needed some tender, loving care.

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Playing With Glass

FLW piece

I don’t think that I have mentioned it yet in this blog but I am a stained glass artist. It is a medium that grabbed me by the throat and would not let go. I had always marveled at the beauty of stained glass windows, the light streaming through the translucent colored panes or the prism affect of finely beveled designs. Rainbow makers created by the hands of humans.

I fell in love with the craft of making stained glass windows in 2004 when I took my first stained glass class. I was immediately hooked. Glass as an artistic medium had everything that intrigued me as a creative, color, physical presence, hands-on techniques, and uniqueness.  Continue reading