Staying Positive by Stopping The But

Millions of people in the world are inflicted with what I’m calling the ‘But’ problem. You know them too, perhaps you even ARE one.

“Isn’t it a beautiful sunny day today?”

“It is, buuuuuuut…….. it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”yesbut

“You must be so excited about starting your new job!”

“I am, buuuuuuut……..I won’t know anyone, and the commute is long.”

“Your kids are so adorable, and well behaved.”

“Thanks, buuuuuut……….you should see them when they’re cranky, they’re little monsters.”

There is a entire book written entitled Yes, But…. by Charles “Chic” Thompson. According to Amazon, it is “a handbook of lighthearted cartoons and strategy tools you’ll need to bulletproof your great ideas”.

But bulletproofing your great ideas isn’t the only tragedy of the Yes, But dilemma. It can sabotage seeing the beautiful, positive things in your life.

  • Yes, it’s a beautiful day today but rather than focus on the moment and the warm sun, and the longer days, and the gentle breeze, I would rather think about the possibility of a yucky day tomorrow. Who truly wants that?
  • Yes, this new job has the potential for moving me in an amazing career direction where I will get to do incredible things and meet exciting, motivated people, but I would rather think about how uncomfortable I intend to be when I start. Really? Why? Are you getting the picture?

And finally,

  • Yes, I know that I have been blessed with healthy, high energy, curious, loving children, but they’re not like that all of the time and that’s where I prefer to put my energy. Not healthy for you or your kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not immune to the Yes, but infection, but I think it is best countered by trying to be in the moment as often as possible. Enjoy those Yes moments in your life. Forget the past and the future just for a few minutes and take in the sensations, the emotions, the joys of those Yes moments….without thinking of the buts. Think about the buts another day.

Yes, but…..for you writers out there, here is one instance when yes, but just might be helpful Short and Sweet Advice for Writers – Try/Fail Cycles with Yes, But/No, And.


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