Kudos and Raspberries

I believe in giving credit where credit is due but I also believe in calling out bad business practices. As consumers we owe it to ourselves and to the businesses where we spend our hard earned money, to voice our satisfaction with a product or service offered as well as our dissatisfaction. So to that end, here goes with a few Kudos and Raspberries that I want to award.


Kurt’s Auto Service in Rockford, Illinois. A few weeks ago my mom was involved in a little fender bender. She wasn’t hurt, thank goodness, but her car was a tad dented around the back wheel well. The car was still driveable, again thank goodness, but I thought it a good idea to have it checked out. Kurt’s Auto Service had been recommended to me so I called them and they got her in right away. The technician looked mom’s car over and said that there was no imagemajor damage, however, the wheel well dent was close enough to her tire that it could start to damage her tire whenever she drove over bumps. He told us that we could take it to a body shop, he even offered the name of one that they recommend, but cautioned us that a body shop would want to replace the entire back panel of her car. Major expense, especially for a 19 year old car (yes, you read that right). The technician also noted that the altercation with the other vehicle had misaligned the back passenger door slightly causing a gap between the car hood and the top of the door.

He did have an alternative. He offered to pound the dented wheel well away from the tire to give it more clearance. It wouldn’t be pretty and it might further misalign the door, but it would save additional wear and tear on the tire. Mom and I both said, “Go for it.”

He removed the tire and after about 20 minutes of pounding, he felt confident that the back fender would safely clear the tire. The door stayed closed, however, the gap widen just enough that it would allow rain and snow to get it. As he he took it for a test around the block to listen for any scraping noises and gave it the all clear. Before he was finished, however, he brought out a roll of duct tape, “Is Alabama chrome alright with you?” he asked and proceeded to tape up the leaky gap at the top of the car door.

After about 45 minutes, the technician drove mom’s car out of the maintenance bay and I went to settle her bill.

“How much do I owe you?” I asked Ellen Kurt, co-owner with her husband Chuck.

“Don’t worry about it,” Ellen replied.

“But your technician spent all that time,” I said as I started to pull my debit card out of my wallet.

Ellen simply shook her head saying, “He wasn’t busy. You have a great day.”

Dumbstruck, all I could say was “Thank you, so much!”

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