Gaining a Different Perspective

I have the Devo song, “Whip It” stuck in my head right now but I would change one word; “When a problem comes along, you must flip it. When something’s going wrong, you must flip it.”flip

A while back I wrote Running at 50+. I had become very discouraged about a running program that I had started. Although I had been running my Couch to 5K (C25K) intervals faithfully for almost two months, I didn’t feel that I was getting any stronger. In fact, it seemed that I was going backwards (figuratively, not literally; that would have caused more problems than being winded). After some research, I discovered that I my running pace was too fast for my fitness level.

I am happy to share that the solution, slowing down my running pace, worked!

So the other day I was telling my son, who used to run in high school, how much stronger I was starting to feel with my running. And how I actually felt icky if I didn’t at least get my three runs in each week. I shared with him how although I was feeling stronger, I was still stuck on the 90 intervals. I did not feel confident enough to move to the next level which was three minute intervals. I told him I had even begun to feel that the two minute brisk walking recovery in between the 90 second running intervals felt like too much time.

Perhaps my block was more psychological than physical but DAMN, that’s doubling the interval!

Then my son said, “Why don’t you flip it? Run when the program says walk and walk when it says run.”

I was stunned! What a fabulously simple solution!

What do we do when we have a problem? We think about it and stare at it and worry about it. When what we should really do is change our perspective.

Case in point; I have always had a problem making time to write. I would tell myself each day that instead of watching TV in the evening I needed to sit down and spend some time writing. Then, each evening after spending eight hours or so working at my income producing job where I sit in front of a computer all day, I didn’t feel like sitting in front of a computer again to write anything, especially something that I had no guarantee would sell.

I decided to try something new. When I was working as a freelance writer, I had a lot of flexibility with my schedule so I decided to take one day off from work each week and devote it to MY writing. Vwala! I got some writing done. Then I discovered BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo. Taking just one day a week wasn’t going to cut it. Mornings have always been my most productive times, so I decided to spend a few hours each morning writing a blog post for the challenge. Afternoons and evenings would be for my actual job. It was much easier to motivate myself to work past 4:00 or 5:00 pm when I knew I was getting paid to do it.

What challenge have you been wrestling with that you can turn on its head or look at from a different perspective and perhaps, break through being stuck?

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