Independence Day 2013 Reflections

I wanted this post to be about my reflections on Independence Day 2013, however I was greeted this morning by two news pieces that stand in sharp contrast to the celebratory feelings of yesterday.

About damn time!  Our Vietnam Vets receive a nice surprise” is a video posted on and “National-Guard soldiers, airmen furloughed” is an article that has received national attention.

Let me start off by saying, I am NOT a poet! So I apologize to those of you who actually are poets. It just so happens that each time I tried to write this post I couldn’t seem to get it to come out in anything more than thought fragments and phrases. So here goes:

Gone are the parades and backyard barbeques, gone are the rockets red blare.
Brilliant fireworks, emitting ohs and ahs from onlookers below.
Until next year when we yet again celebrate, the birthing of this nation.

Founded on freedom and hailed the world over,
as the most powerful, prosperous, and pretentious country on earth.

Yet as we celebrate the freedoms we hold so dear
bravely fought for and won with the blood of our soldiers, women and men.
I can’t help but wonder; When did it get so twisted?

Politicians, wielding power from their opulent castles on the hill;
Living the dream without sharing the sacrifices.

Those who paid the price with both body and soul,
left with the scraps of an ungrateful government and a greedy upper class.

Is it strictly human nature that renders the commoners, the populace, the ‘other-thans’
virtually invisible to the entitled few?

History should serve as a stern reminder to those who refuse to see the truth;
That the illusion of fear and loyalty that the haves depend on has a shelf life.
Expiration date unknown.


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