Hanging Out at Dinner on the Dock

Up here in Northern Illinois, we are blessed with a beautiful body of water known as the Rock River. While boating people (which I am not, unfortunately) are intimately familiar with the recreational value of The Rock, land dwellers, like myself, have been forced to sit by and watch as the mariner people frolic and play in the summer sun and spray on the river. This is, in part, because our beautiful river has been woefully underdeveloped by the powers that be in the community.

Yes, there is much to be said for leaving the river bank natural and untouched, but how then are us landlubbers to enjoy one of our area’s natural resources? Thankfully, about two years ago, a business opened up along the river that gives anyone, boat owner or not, the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the Rock River.

Prairie Street Brewhouse offers a spectacular venue for weddings or corporate gatherings, but my favorite event is their Thursday night Dinner on the Dock. This is the perfect place to get-together with friends, enjoy some food and beverages, soak up the sun and delight in mother nature’s awesomeness. It has become a very popular event for people of all ages.

Evening sunset with friends at Dinner on the Dock

Evening sunset with friends at Dinner on the Dock

My hope is that Prairie Street Brewhouse’s success will ignite more interest in developing the riverfront for commercial use, similar to The River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. Not only would that be a fantastic boon to the area’s economy, but I think it would give a boost to the community’s moral as well; people from all walks of life mingling and enjoying each other’s company and the splendors and richness of the area in which we live.


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