Friendship Connections

I have two primary sets of friends. I know that may sound pathetic to some people that I only have two, but I’m talking about people that I am close to and see on a regular basis. Friends who support me; know me, warts and all; laugh and cry with me. Two groups of friends that I connect with in slightly different ways.Ladies taking a selfie

Our LNO (Ladies Night Out) group was formed many years ago as therapy for the exhausting and sometimes insane life of being a mom. We met either because our kids were friends or through school related volunteer settings. My connection with these amazing ladies is grounded in our family experiences. We have supported each other through graduations, divorce, death, marriage, family crisis, and grandkids.  Although my kids are grown and on their own now, the support and friendship of LNO not only helped me survive single parenthood but it also has taken the sting out of my empty nest.

two ladies with booksMy WOW (Women of Writing) group feeds my creative soul. I met these talented friends when I joined a local writing group, In Print Professional Writing Organization. Our bond began as a simple writing critique group, but quickly developed into personal friendships and literary kindred spirits. They inspire and challenge me to pursue goals that I might, otherwise, be too afraid to attempt. They have also opened my eyes to a world of literary experiences that I would not have known had it not been for their friendships.

Certainly, there is crossover between these two groups from time to time. There are no strict rules governing our interactions and connections. Creative endeavors have been enjoyed within LNO context; music concerts, craft shows, stained glass classes. And familial interest and concern is an integral part of WOW get-togethers as well.

My connections with these special friends enriches my life and I can only hope that they will see fit to put up with me for many years to come.


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