Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye

trees This “painting” hangs above my desk in my office. I’m sure most people wouldn’t consider it actual “art” but I like it.

I have always found the image peaceful and serene. I love the way the sunlight streams through the tree branches and how the little blue flowers in the foreground seem to be dancing in the wind. I stare at it sometimes and imagine myself walking along the path, cool breeze on my face, the sounds of the forest all around me. The woods seem to come alive.

My trees have been a comfort to me through some tough times for well over 15 years. My ex (well he wasn’t my ex at the time) and I had just moved our family of five into a new home and we were looking for something to put up above the sofa in the living room. We decided to go to one of those Starving Artist shows (do they even have them anymore) that used to be held in hotel banquet halls.

He and I rarely agreed when it came to decorating styles (or much else for that matter). He tended to be more traditional; stiff old-fashioned looking furniture (and I’m not talking antiques here just old-fashioned) with all kinds of exciting shades of beige and off-white to perk things up a bit.

I, on the other hand, have always had more eclectic taste (can we say Sybil). I like casual contemporary, laid-back but nothing cutsey or too ducky country for me. I also love color – lots of it! It was beginning to feel as if we would never agree on anything to cover that huge expanse of naked wall in our living room; him leaning toward the black velvet rendering of a group of dogs playing poker (oh, HELL no!); me grabbing at anything that had vibrant colors and shapes that didn’t appear in nature (but what the hell is it supposed to be? was always ex’s response).

Then we saw our tree painting, Me: “I like that! Do you like that?” Ex: “Yea, I do!” The heavens parted, angels appeared, a choir came out of nowhere and started singing, hallelujah we found something we both liked! “We’ll take it!”

It looked even better once we got it up on the living room wall. It was a perfect fit over our sofa; it hung there for years.

There was no question after the divorce that I would take the painting, art was never his thing. In my post-divorce home, rooms are configured quite differently from my previous house so my trees no longer grace the wall behind my couch. They have found a new home in my office where I spend the majority of my time working and dreaming of taking walks through the woods.


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