The Journey

I have embarked on a journey. No I’m not traveling across the country or anything romantic and amazing like that. The journey I have embarked on is to become a professional blogger. I know, I know, many of you are probably thinking, professional…….blogger? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Or maybe you’re just thinking I’m a moron for thinking I can become a professional at blogging. Well the truth is that blogging has become a legitimate and financially worthwhile profession. Millions of people are making money with their blogs. Some are even getting wealthy at it.

The Top 10 money making blogs of 2012 averaged over $31,360………..a month!! Now I certainly don’t expect to be able to earn that much overnight, but give me a week, just kidding. That kind of money for the type of blog I intend to write is probably a lot of wishful thinking but I’m pretty sure, over time, I can make enough to support myself. Why not, I’m a writer. But it will be a journey because I am very green at this blogging thing. So I thought what if I use my journey to becoming a professional blogger as a way to learn and practice my skills and at the same time perhaps I can inspire someone else to take the plunge too. So if you are interested feel free to follow me on my journey. Be sure to leave a comment or two also.

So the first step to becoming a professional blogger is to write posts on a regular basis. This is post #3 in six days. Not bad if I do say so myself.


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