What are YOU waiting for?

I had an epiphany just recently. And I have to admit it’s not one I’m terribly proud of admitting but whatever moves me forward in my life journey I try to accept with open arms (hopefully that will counteract my heels dug into the ground). What was my epiphany you ask? It was that for the last several years I have been waiting. Waiting for what? I’m not really sure, waiting for my life to get on track, waiting for my dream job with the dream salary to fall into my lap, waiting to win the lottery (even though I don’t play on a regular basis), waiting to meet and marry a very wealthy soul mate, waiting to be…………..rescued.

That realization was enough to crush my soul. I have always thought of myself as an independent woman fully capable of taking care of myself and in no way in need of rescuing but there it was. I’m sitting in the philosophical life raft with both oars in the water waiting for someone to paddle me to shore. What a wakeup call! A humbling one but a wakeup call all the same.
So what have I decided to do about this new (albeit embarrassing) revelation about myself? With the downturn in the economy my freelance technical writing has taken quite a hit lately so I started thinking maybe I should pick up a part-time job in the evenings. Right about that time that wonderfully wise part of myself pretty much slapped me upside the head and said You’re a writer, why don’t you write part-time in the evenings? Wow! I really don’t give her enough credit. So that is the first of my 2012 intentions. Writing will become my new part-time job in the evenings and/or on the weekends. I haven’t quite worked out all the scheduling details yet but at least I got the job!
So what are you waiting for? Make an intention for 2012 that you’re not going to wait anymore for life to get better you’re going to make it better.


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